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Archives for 2010

What Happens in "Whiplash?"

Whiplash is a slang term for an injury that occurs to the neck after the head has been literally "whipped" either forwards and backwards or sideways after a sudden jar such as in a slip / trip and fall, a physical assault, or a motor vehicle collision. But what REALLY happens in a "whiplash" injury? [..]

Neck Pain – Where Does it Come From?

Neck pain is a very common problem that can with a number of possible causes. It can come from laying crooked while watching TV, it can come from sleeping in a draft, it can come as a response to a cold or flu, it can hurt because of a sinus infection ("referred pain"), it can [..]

Fibromyalgia: I Have It… Now What?

"…I was told by my doctor that I have fibromyalgia and I don’t know what to do. I’ve noticed that over the last couple of years that I’ve been having a progressively harder time doing simple tasks that I used to take for granted like folding laundry, ironing, cooking, cutting up vegetables, sewing, driving a [..]

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Risky Jobs

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is one of many repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) and it’s also one of the most common present day workplace injuries, second only to low back pain! The term "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome" was first used in 1939 and since the 1950s, this disabling overuse injury to the hand has been one of [..]

Low Back Pain and Balance

What do low back pain and balance have to do with one another? Well, a lot! First (and most obvious), poor balance can lead to falling, which is the number one cause of injuries after the age of 70 (which includes low back pain). Unfortunately, as we age, we lose both balance AND bone density [..]

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Why Braces?

For those of you who have had carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), you probably know all about braces. These are devices worn on the wrist that stop you from bending the wrist up or down. They may be worn anytime of the day if they don’t interfere too much with one’s current activity but are especially [..]

Low Back Pain and Bone Density

So, what does bone density have to do with low back pain? The relationship between bone density and back pain is quite intimate. In fact, when the degree of bone density declines to the point of fracture, back pain becomes very real. The classic condition and cause of spinal pain associated with the loss of [..]

Fibromyalgia: How Do I Know I Have It?

"I wake up every morning with a stiff, sore lower back. When I roll over to get out of bed, I feel like a log and almost have to fall out of bed. When I finally get to my feet, I’m all bent over and can’t stand upright for what seems like forever! It takes [..]

Headaches – How Does Chiropractic Work?

Headaches are a common complaint at chiropractic clinics. There are many causes of headaches, some of which are "idiopathic" or unknown. Some headaches arise from "vascular" (blood vessels) causes such as migraine and cluster headaches. These often include nausea and/or vomiting and can be quite disabling and require rest in a dark, quiet place sometimes [..]

Whiplash! Do I Need an Attorney?

When you hear the word, "whiplash," it brings to mind many different thoughts: motor vehicle collision (MVC), neck pain, headaches, concussion, jaw pain, litigation, car damage estimates, possibly needing a new car, medical costs, doctor’s appointments, sleepless nights, and more. Questions typically asked when a MVC occurs include the following: 1. Do I need to [..]